Gloves Care

To enjoy the finest item as its best, a decent level of care is expected. We are happy to remind you a few things that will keep your gloves always in good shape. 

Stay Out of Trouble

Humidity is arguably leather’s biggest enemy as it can rob the material some of its finest characteristics.  The prolonged damp condition can prevent the gloves from staying in proper shape. Also, wet stained spots can be apparent and permanent on the surface, particularly for brighter dye colours. Therefore, we recommend you trying your best to keep the gloves nice and dry in most occasions.

Nonetheless, we know that there will be time when the heavy downfall is inevitable, the gloves should be laid flat and allowed to air dry naturally. Don’t forget to stretch out the fingers and the thumbs, allowing the elasticity of the leather to work its magic. 

Rotation Is Key

 The thought of having one quality piece of leather good, be it a pair of shoes or gloves, is the first step to building a timeless wardrobe. Nonetheless, as far as timelessness goes in style, the leather will not survive the time without proper care.

That care is the systematic rotation of the gloves, giving the leather sufficient time to recover from the daily wear. Typically, natural material require approximately 24 hours to regain its beautiful characteristics such as strength and elasticity. On that note, the gloves will need additional time to rest if they are in damp conditions. Therefore, having a few pair of gloves not only give you a diversity look, but also significantly extend the lifespan of each item.

Give It a Stretch

Our gloves making process involve many stages of painstaking handworks of the artisans. One of those key step was the leather stretching where the elasticity and strength of the gloves is maximised to give the perfect fit. This time consuming stage is essential to allow the gloves easily mould into your hands after a few wears.

However, after time and time of reapeated pulling, the elasticity will likely to …. Let’s not be worried! An occasional stretch of the gloves will help to return them to the original designated fit.

You can begin by gently holding the fingertips of the glove and the cuff opening on each hand, stretching it against the edge of a table. The stroke will start from the bottom of the gloves to the fingertips. Repeat it four to five times. Lastly, don’t forget the thumb. With less than a few minutes of care, your pair of gloves will fit you perfectly like they are meant to be!?

Size Charts
-Measure your dominant hand around the fullest part of your palm 
- Do NOT measure around thumb
 Size  Cm (Approximate)
7.5 20
8 21
8.5 22
9 23

If your size is not available, please email for Made-to-Order option.