The Scarf

The Scarf

The right scarf is never only about keeping one's neck warm. If protection is solely what one seeks, a puffer jacket with high zipper will suffice. However, having the scarf with vibrant right shade, tied in the right style, floating around the jacket's collar, is something to care about, then finding the perfectly knitted scarf is worthwhile. 

Our scarf is hand-knitted in Kathmandu, Nepal, by workshop that see itself through centuries-long of handloom knitting tradition. The local farmer collects raw cashmere (which locally known as Pashmina) each spring from his sheep which will contribute 4 to 8 ounces individually per year. Yarn will then be processed and spun by hand on a spinning wheel before sending to the workshop for weaving. After hand-weaving the yarn to predetermined scarf dimension, the product is put to be hand-dyed in step called pot-dying.

Literally, each scarf is submerged in a pot of dying agent to achieve the desired hues. This painstakingly slow process requires time and experience to perform. And our master has been doing it for the past 40 years, mastering the technique to ensure that the shade is consistent with the order. Together with meticulous hand-finishing step, each scarf is a unique creation that celebrates the works of traditional craftsmanship. 

The cashmere and silk blend brings much needed strength to the fibre, creating volume in the scarf and reducing cashmere’s infamous pilling issue. Knitting with extra length, the scarf allows various tying ways to complement your personal style.  

An essential in the wardrobe staple. Shop yours here

Size Charts
-Measure your dominant hand around the fullest part of your palm 
- Do NOT measure around thumb
 Size  Cm (Approximate)
7.5 20
8 21
8.5 22
9 23

If your size is not available, please email for Made-to-Order option.