Fuzzy Looking Sweater

Fuzzy Looking Sweater

Shetland sweater was once a hallmark of the Ivy League style, often seen pairing with beaten khaki and structured heavy cloth sport coat. Although the latter two are no longer relevant, in a sartorial inclined sense, the sweater ironically continues to bring a breath of fresh air to our choice of outfit in a sea of (super)fine merino wool and cashmere.

The name refers to the wool harvested in Shetland island, located halfway between northern Scotland and Norway. The terrain is rough, the weather is damp, hence, the sheep yields long wool fibre that is strong, sturdy and textured. Originally, the coarse and somewhat itchy Shetland wool was loosely knitted into garment for the peasants, due to its ability to keep warm and absorb domestic odours.

Fortunately, from material to construction, our Shetland knitwear has come a long way from its primitive birth. Thanks to the refinement in material treatment and knitting process, the fibre is lighter with less impurity and the machine can knit denser fabric, giving the garment a lovely thickness and a more supple touch. Also, with the (whole-piece) seamless construction at one piece, where the body forms a tubular knit and the sleeves are linked to the shoulders via linking wool threads instead of sewing in, the sweater becomes a pleasant to wear and stay in designated shape in a long time. 

When wearing overcoat is overdoing, layering with your outerwear is beast for the for transitional season. In fact, the suit benefits from adding an extra layer underneath. What you are doing is, in fact, extending the usage of your lighter weight suit, particularly those with loose weave pattern. The smooth surface of the worsted wool suit, going against the textured and fuzzy Shetland wool, it offer an interesting visual contrast. Likewise, we love mixing the knitwear with a waxed cotton jacket such as Barbour, a comfortable mix for the rainy morning. Other great Autumn materials like corduroy and flannel will work well with Shetland sweater. Below, we have put together three easy looks that you can experiment. If you like our take on this season knitwear, you can shop one here

Sitting under a high-twist fabric suit, a great way to generate contrast in material 
Barbour and Shetland is a classic match, the way the Scottish does.
Shetland wool and flannel trousers are great together when you don't need a jacket 

He, who knows how to relax in style 

Thank you Calvin for the mannequin duty. 


Size Charts
-Measure your dominant hand around the fullest part of your palm 
- Do NOT measure around thumb
 Size  Cm (Approximate)
7.5 20
8 21
8.5 22
9 23

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