Shetland 3x3: Day 3 - Nam Nguyen

Shetland 3x3: Day 3 - Nam Nguyen

This feature of Nam on AARCH is not about reinventing style. Instead, it highlights the fascinating commitment of wearing a tightly constructed outfit on the daily basis, namely personal uniform. Such consistency requires relentless effort, yet not to obtain a prescribed look that appeals to social hype, but to reflect a man's conscious choice of what he puts on.

And Nam is in his personal uniform every time we meet on his days off. This is his final post of 3x3 on AARCH, and it's a good one. It was said 

"Anyone can get dressed up and be glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing"

Nam's uniform is visually manifested through blending sombre colours and intricate design of the garment. A sensibility that structured in utilitarian in forms yet tone down the edges by ornamental details. A french work shirt with subtle colours such as navy and olive green, with fading on its elbow and collar from repeated use, personalised only by time not by a sanding machine. Layering with a piece of weather-beaten sweater to warm up against the winter breeze. Go with a straight cut comfortable cut trousers, made from original military fabric that eventually displays signs of discolouration. That's Nam's personal uniform.

His selection is not fancy, because they are timeless. His purchase is not impulsive because it's not fashion fad. And perhaps that's exactly what we need. A simple wardrobe full of uniforms for the discerning man that know his choice. 



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