Shetland 3x3: Day 2 - Nam Nguyen

Shetland 3x3: Day 2 - Nam Nguyen

The last time we featured Nam, it was a great fun for our readers to see such a refreshing style. This time, Nam's outfit really echos his insistence on the importance of textures. Whether it is the unique texture of material or difference in weaving process, it can bring a surprised tweak to even a the most subtle assemble. Like how Nam bring together the pieces below, with subdued colours, simple style, yet lots of details. In Nam's words, 

 "Great outfit needs no bold colour" 

The unique fuzzy knitwear lays well under the grainy weave of the cardigan and the mid blue denim. Simple colours are perfect to dissuade attention and allow the details to play a centre role. Such as the blue neckerchief and the slight mustard tippings. Also, my choice of footwear follows the same principle. The belgian loafers add a quiet sartorial touch to a monotone colour outfit. 


Size Charts
-Measure your dominant hand around the fullest part of your palm 
- Do NOT measure around thumb
 Size  Cm (Approximate)
7.5 20
8 21
8.5 22
9 23

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