Shetland 3x3: Day 2 - Gerry Nelson

Shetland 3x3: Day 2 - Gerry Nelson

Today, Gerry continues to show us his style tips with AARCH's Shetland 3x3. You can view Gerry's previous post here and Nam's here. Gerry has put together a dressy outfit with some personal touch that, to me, is so versatile you can wear it to see client, attend a date and join a house party in the same day. Gerry enforced his rule again that 

"Comfort is what makes clothing enjoyable to wear" 

Donegal tweed is similar to the jumper in that the fabric is not uniform. Look closer and you can find yellow, orange and other colours beneath the green. They all work well against the brown jumper. The dark denim is neither tight nor baggy but somewhere in between. Although slightly faded in places, the dark jeans act as an anchor for the rest of the outfit together with the dark brown suede chukka boots.  Together they work because there's a certain ruggedness to the tweed, wool, denim and suede. I could imagine roaming the Shetland Islands in a similar outfit.

Size Charts
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- Do NOT measure around thumb
 Size  Cm (Approximate)
7.5 20
8 21
8.5 22
9 23

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