Shetland 3x3: Day 1 - Steve Calder

Shetland 3x3: Day 1 - Steve Calder

Hi there, we are back with our Shetland feature. The third subject of our small project is none other than our good friend Steve Calder. A true menswear insider who often brings quirky, yet understated touch to styling. In my opinion, whatever pieces Steve wears this year can serve as a good prediction of the following seasons's trend. I guess one of the reasons which makes his style so impactful is that it is very approachable and relatable to the everyday guy. Steve's outfit doesn't require additional introspection of one's confidence, only the effort to stay open-minded to try new things.

"Accomodating fit allows you to experiment with clothing and make mistakes, not to say that Steve ever commits one."  

This outfit highlights Steve's insistence on generous cut and comfortable clothing. These mindset allows him to experiment with new designs and materials without confining himself in a strict definition of an aesthetic such as sharp silhouette of a tailoring. From what is a simple foundation of shetland sweater and jeans, adding a loosely fitted trench coat and accessories, he turns out a surprisingly refreshing combination. Still, notice how everything follows a theme of relaxed fit, even Steve's neckerchief is not tied with force. 

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