Shetland 3x3: Day 1 - Nam Nguyen

Shetland 3x3: Day 1 - Nam Nguyen

Last week, we had a great time shooting Gerry Nelson for our very first Shetland 3x3 feature, where we ask three of our friends to share their seasonal style tips. Our next guest on the blog is Nam Nguyen, another old friend of AARCH. Dressing well is natural for Nam, a non-conformist in style, whose outfit often carries unexpected twist yet surprisingly refreshing, that at time makes it a challenge to squarely categorise the style of Nam's looks. But I guess that what makes him so interesting. Nam shares with us 

Texture is key when introducing multiple layers to create an interesting outfit. 

Although I've used the Shetland knitwear as an undershirt, the subtle texture, with  the mustard tippings remains the focal point of the garment. Pairing the burnt brown shirt against the jungle green trousers, I try to bring the depth of colours in both pieces by using their harsh texture and contrasted shades. In addition, the slightly faded pocket or the shiny metal of the waistband are the needed details to make the outfit more rugged instead of a plain and smooth silhouette. Finally, I chose a muted speckled charcoal beanie to compliment the grey knitwear, to me it is a quiet way to let tie the garments with accessories by essentially not over accessorise. My footwear choice is always personal, they don't usually follow the same theme with the clothing, it's my small experiment with the wardrobe. 
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