Style Note: Adding Outwear

Style Note: Adding Outwear

As the weather turns in Melbourne, regular wind, patchy rain, random cold evening, having an outwear is perhaps the most rational approach to help you be at ease throughout the day. Although comfort is key to wearing multiple layers, it is another story for another Style Note post. This time, it is simply how to harmoniously add an outwear to the look.

When putting together the outfit, don't forget to pay attention to the clothing's material, texture and shade. The goal is to refrain from letting the pieces having more than one of aforementioned traits looking the the same. It will provide much needed separation to give an interesting depth, contrast or volume to the assemble.

If you have to wear an all wool outfit, be sure that the texture of the coat is sufficiently apart from the jacket's. Likewise, if you prefer a monotone shade look today, mixing different materials will avoid leaving it overly faded. 

It takes a few conscious practices to get it right, but when you have mastered it, it becomes your sartorial instinct. Our friends Steve and Aaron help us to illustrate our point with their take on Melbourne's Autumn Outfit.

Similar in a muted shade of Olive and grey, The matte finish of the Barbour jacket and the crunchy texture of Calder Sartoria suit make them stand out individually. 

Steve was wearing an all wool outfit for a chilled morning. His skilful approach to layering is shown through adding the right touch of colour and allowing the cloth's texture to play its magic. Calder's heavy flannel suit still stands underneath a more rugged Ulster coat. 

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